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There Are 2 Main Types of under eye bags here's How To Treat Eye Bags

What type of eye bags do your suffer from? 

Under eye bags can be unsightly and stressful for the sufferer. Under eye bags can make anyone look tired, worn out, or older than they might like. That's why finding easy, safe treatments for under eye bags is such a boon to eye bag sufferers around the world. Sometimes some gentle surgical intervention is needed, but there are also plenty of cosmetic solutions and some easy home treatments that can help with treating eye bags.

What Causes Under Eye Bags?

Under eye bags have two main causes: aging and fluid retention.

Aging can often lead to bags under the eyes. As we get older, our skin starts to lose its collagen which leads to a loss of elasticity. The skin around the eye area weakens and droops, which can all add up to the fatty tissue of the eye socket sagging downwards and causing unsightly bags. This type may only to be treat with a surgical or fillers talk to a dermatologist. 
Under eye bags can also be caused by fluid retention under the eye, making the area swell. This can be caused by several things, including diet (too much salt and processed food), allergies, illnesses such as sinusitis, or fluid build up during the night for those who sleep flat on their backs. This type can be treat easy with cosmetics.

How Can Under Eye Bags Be Reduced?

There are several ways to reduce under eye bags, depending on the cause. From cold cucumber slices to pressure point facials, there are several weapons in the fight against under eye bags.

For eye bags caused by aging, a straightforward surgical procedure can provide dramatic and lasting results. Patients can opt to have fat removed from under the eyes in a simple operation that will give long lasting results.

Eye bags caused by swelling can be treated easily at home. Cosmetics designed to take down the swelling can help. Products containing caffeine can tighten the under eye area, improving the appearance of under eye bags. Peptides are also a top ingredient in the fight against eye bags, strengthening the skin and restoring elasticity. Simple home remedies such as a cold cucumber slice or teabag over the eyes can reduce swelling and smooth out the delicate area around the eyes.

Another simple way to treat under eye bags is by gentle massage. By applying light pressure to the pressure points under the eyes (the same ones used in acupressure) and by gently massaging the area in general, it's possible to stimulate excess fluid to drain away, reducing swelling under the eyes. A pressure point facial or gentle facial massage can help a lot, but it's possible to gently treat the area around the eye at home. The best place to start with manual lymph drainage is by pressing either side of the nose, just beside the corner of the eye, then gently applying pressure along the bone under the eye, working outwards. It's a simple, safe and effective technique that doesn't cost a penny.

Under eye bags can cause a lot of stress, having an aging effect. But with some simple home remedies and good quality cosmetics designed with just the right ingredients, it's possible to smooth the delicate area under the eye and reduce bags for a much brighter, younger appearance.

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