Saturday, May 11, 2013

Testing #Fysiko #Eyelash Growth Serum"


I just received my Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum, I will be testing this product for 16 weeks, and posting my monthly results. I am very excited about using the product, as i have gotten older my lash have become  wimpy.  
Here's the 411: In 16 weeks, Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum will take your lashes from frail to full. This proven formula will naturally enhance your might even be able to kiss that daily mascara habit goodbye! 
Sounds like a dream, doesn't!  That just sounds to good to be true, so I am going to put Fysiko lash serum to the test! What I like about this lash serum is its a natural safe eyelash serum which contains clinically proven ingredients like bio-peptides, amino acids, vitamin E, olive oil and soy proteins.
                                                              Below is my before picture :

     Pretty  gruesome ! besides needing some eyelashes, I could use a eye lift!  Tonight ill start the lash treatment and keep you posted, so if your interested stay tune!

Day 2:  Have used the Fysiko Eyelash Serum twice now,  I use the product in the evening before bed, first taking all my make-up off, including all eye make-up. Then rinse my eyelash with warm water and a cotton pad, making sure  there are no  traces of any make-up or make-up remover left on the lashes.   I now let my lash dry completely for about 5 minutes. Once lashes have dried,  I apply the serum to the first eyelid just above the lash line, like as if I were applying eyeliner. One sweep over the lash line is all you need. I then dip the brush back into the tube to pick up more product on the brush, and apply to the second eye the same way, using very little product. Thats it! So easy!
 below you can see how thin the brush is:
My eyes are supper sensitive so I was afraid that the serum  was  going to sting or burn, But no, so far all I have felt was a very mild tingling sensation, just for a few seconds.But will keep you posted on my journey towards long, healthy and lush  eyelashes!

 (not my lashes, not yet)

One week of using Fysiko lash serum

first week of using the fysiko eyelash  serum you can see some change already happening.

Below is week 2

My nightly routine using fysiko lash serum

to see my results at 2 months CLICK HERE

received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

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