Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why you should beware of 'quick fixes' in anti-aging skin care?

Why you should beware of 'quick fixes' in anti-aging skin care?
By Doctor Anna Margolina
Sales in the cosmetic business are driven by the first impression, by an emotional rather than rational response.
Today cosmetic chemists work tireless

ly to find chemical compounds capable of producing fast and impressive results. Some cosmetic products contain synthetic polymers that form a film that visually tighten the skin.
Others disrupt the epidermal barrier with detergents and puff up skin's proteins with water, creating temporal swelling of the surface. Many anti-cellulite creams contain topical irritants that produce dermal swelling, temporarily masking the appearance of 'orange peel skin' on the thighs.
Many chemicals are added to these cosmetic products simply because they make the products seem to absorb faster or give it a smooth and velvety feel, or preserve it from spoiling for years. In this ocean of deception it is very difficult to tell truth from fiction.
Some hints to help you choose and evaluate your cosmetics
1) Skin is a living tissue and it can't change too fast. Use a cosmetic product at least 2 weeks to see what it is doing to your skin. With a good product, you may see not much change after the first few days, but in a few weeks your skin will obviously appear to change for the better.
2) If a product is truly beneficial, the skin will continue to improve for some time even after you've discontinued use. If after you stop using a product, your skin immediately starts getting worse, you can throw this cosmetic away without any regrets.
3) All ingredients that can do some good for your skin will be backed by independent dermatological studies. Gather the information before buying.
4) If the list of ingredients contains too many difficult to pronounce chemical names, do some online research on them before using.
Beautiful healthy skin has a beautiful healthy structure. The only means to truly beautify and rejuvenate your skin is to restore its proper structure

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