Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our little secret weapon for Dark Circles and Baggy Eyes

Dark Circles and Baggy Eyes
By Anna Margolina
Baggy eyes result from three main problems accumulation of fat under the eyes, circulation problems and loss of skin elasticity, whereas, thinning of skin and the subcutaneous fat under the eye leads to hollow eyes and dark circles. The skin under the eyes may darken due to hormonal problems, chronic inflammation caused by UV-damage, as well as some internal diseases.
Good sleep and regular aerobic exercises will help to improve the appearance of baggy eyes and dark circles. Home remedies such as cold tea compresses or applications of fresh cucumber rings will refresh the eyes and reduce swelling and dark circles. Cosmetic products with aloe also help brighten the eyes and reduce dark circles.
What to avoid when caring for your eyes:
Products with chemical sunscreens, especially those that have high SPF. Protect your eyes with wide brimmed hat or sunglasses instead.
Fragranced products they are often irritating and may increase dark circles
Heavy moisturizers that lock moisture in the skin they may cause swelling and make bags under the eye more apparent
Cosmetic creams with complex formulations when you see a cream that contains 40-60 ingredients, do not use it under the eyes.
Vitamin K creams there is no scientific evidence that they help with dark circles. They may be harmful to your skin.

 Try using the natural eye care  from  Blackbox Cosmetics   called"Little secret weapon"

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