Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Would You Prefer a Knife, Hot Pan or a Microwave Oven?

Would You Prefer a K , HoCracked Skin, Closeup Royalty Free Stock Image - Image: 17989416t Pan or a Microwave Oven?
By Anna Margolina
There was a time when the only solution to loose and sagging skin was plastic surgery. The surgeon would carve excessive skin and tighten it up, creating the illusion of wrinkle-free skin. However, anyone who would touch this surgically tightened skin would immediately discover the difference. Even after tightening, such skin would never regain the wonderful plumpness and elasticity of youth.
Recently, new methods of skin tightening have been introduced. For example, skin can be tightened using radiofrequency (RF) and infrared (IF) devices. If you want to imagine what happens to your skin when you use those methods, think of a piece of meat in a microwave or on a hot pan. As you heat up the pan or turn a microwave oven on, the meat cooks and curls, due to tightening of collagen strands. The same happens in your skin when such unnatural procedures.
In addition, those methods inflict mild damage that triggers a healing response, leading to production of new collagen. Those methods are usually well-tolerated and produce noticeable improvements.
However, the skin does not become younger it only becomes tighter. We still do not know what damage radiofrequency and infrared waves can do to the skin's cells over the long term. Recently, infrared light was implicated in skin aging, so this is something to keep in mind.
You'll be happy to know though that there is a much gentler way to produce visible results for improving the elasticity of your skin. Tune in to next's month column to find out what that is.

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