Monday, July 29, 2013


VuDu Hair Almond-Satsuma Hair & Body Shampoo and Conditioner. We will be placing them in the shopping carts on Friday, July 26th. This will include hand-out samples as well as back bar products.CHECK IT OUT!

we received a tremendous amount of exciting feedback and a high number of calls and e-mails regarding these items. We anticipate Almond-Satsuma to be a very successful product for our VuDu Hair line.

After additional research and testing, we have added some new ingredients to all VuDu Hair conditioning products. In particular... Abyssinian Oil was added for its superior moisturizing, manageability, shine, and strengthening of the hair.

We have added a higher percentage of Keratin Aminos as we have found it to be a significant factor in dramatically improving the condition of your hair... especially if it is color treated or damaged. Not to be mistaken with the less expensive Hydrolyzed Keratin used by most hair product manufacturers... Keratin Aminos' molecular structure is small enough to allow it to penetrate your hair's cuticle. Hydrolyzed Keratin's molecular structure does not.

In addition, we have removed Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein from all products in favor of Hydrolyzed Soy Protein. After testing, we found no difference in performance using either protein. This allows all of our products to be gluten free for those who have sensitivity to gluten... without any loss in performance.

As mentioned earlier and in previous updates... customers are experiencing incredible changes to the quality of their hair. Just recently, we received a testimonial of new hair growth developing in a customer's hairline. This is great news and we expect more of the same as new customers switch to our high nutrient content products that are water, sulfate, paraben & allergen preservative free.

Our VuDu Hair Cleansing Conditioner, SuperFruit-Coconut will be added to the shopping cart on August 15th and ourRestorationSkin Jojoba Tan will be added a few days after.


As most of you know, we are constantly working on new products and improving our existing product lines. Recently we have made improvements to our under-eye serum Little Secret Weapon and our acne-fightingGeniSkin Treatment Serum.

LSW has been designed to promote deep cellular change that offers long-term results, as well as a quick smoothing of fine lines. The peptides within this product have proven studies showing significant improvement in collagen development, while reducing bags and dark circles. In addition, LSW contains a peptide that has a botox-like effect by temporarily reducing muscle cell contraction. Over the past few weeks, we have added additional ingredients to increase the instant effect of LSW and believe it is the best under-eye serum in the marketplace.

Despite the great success rate many of our users have with GeniSkin Treatment Serum, we were prompted by user feedback to create an oil-free version. Many with severe acne cases do not want to put anything on their face or body that will add to the greasy effect produced by their overactive oil glands. Although there is some evidence thatmoisturization helps curb our skin's oil production, we kept an open mind and went to work on another version of the serum.

Not only did we remove almost all oil from the product (except tea tree oil), we added a few Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) and liquid Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid is capable of breaking down and penetrating through oils, which made it difficult to add to our regular serum. However... it is perfect for our oil free version and allows our multiple bacteria fighters and nutrients to penetrate into deeper skin layers. We have seen outstanding results testing this new treatment serum and users tell us they love how the product soaks completely into the skin in only a matter of a few minutes. This will be a great benefit for those that want to put our acne serum on before going to work or applying makeup. During the month of August, we will be adding a free sample of our oil free version with any GeniSkin product purchase.


In coming months, we will be adding body lotions to the RestorationSkin product line. These products will contain multiple combinations of nourishing vitamins, botanicals, oils, and scents. Each product will be created on a base of aloe vera and botanical extracts, come in airless packaging, and be paraben free. They will not be refillable due to their large 9 ounce size, but will be affordably priced. Our first body lotion will include Macadamia Nut andAbyssinian Oil and have the incredible scent of Black Vanilla. This will be a lighter body lotion that absorbs well and has a silky/satiny feel to the touch.

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