Tuesday, July 9, 2013

blog 4 Testing Fysiko longlash growth serum

This blog post number 4

Before using Fysiko lash serum             After 12 weeks of Fysiko lash serum

 After testing the Fysiko lash serum, I have concluded  that the  product is effective and truly does work. Its safe if used properly, over use can cause darkening of the skin where applied. I did follow the instruction and applied a light amount nightly so i had no trouble with any darkening..  I also have very sensitive light eyes and skin, the product cause no excess sensitivity or allergy reactions. I will continue to use the fysiko lash growth serum and would highly recommend the product   to anyone who wants longer, healthy lashes and younger looking eyes. I did receive the fysiko lash serum complimentary from  Influenster for the purpose  of testing To catch my full story and journey CHICK HERE  
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