Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Violet Voxbox from Influenster

I was lucky  enough to get the violet voxbox from influenster free it was giving to me for the purpose of testing and reviewing. I'll be testing and writing a review on all the product you see below, but first I just wanted to show you what came in the Violet voxbox from influenster. 

I got this ouchless headband, a very useful product from "goody" made especially for athletics to hold back the  hair.  It's reversible, mine is black on one side and hot pink on the other side.The hairband is also quick drying. I'll be using this a lot to hold back my hair when giving myself a facial. 

WOW! This next product is a Fabric facial mask, from"Montagne jeunesse". I cant wait to try this new type of mask, the fabric works like a trans-dermal patch. These fabric type of masks will deliver nourishing skincare ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. My review on this product will definitely make for a great blog post.  

Now here's a product I will make great use of from "Not your Mothers" Clean freak dry shampoo. I love dry shampoo cause its such a big process for me when I wash my hair.(blow-drying, straightening and  then curlers.)  With using a dry shampoo I can go a day longer before  I have  the process of washing my hair. I've used a lot of different brands of dry shampoo, and some are definitely better than other. I'll let you know my opinion of this new dry shampoo in my up coming review of this product.

Soyjoy a healthier way to enjoy candy bars? I don't know, but is sure sounds good. Mine's chocolate with real fruit cherries yum! the bars are made with whole soy, real fruit, gluten free, and no trans for my review.

last but certainly not less,"Sally Hanson" triple shine nail polish. Mine color or the one I got in my violet voxbox  is a very shinny holiday green.  Very excited about this product, for 20 years I worked as a manicurist, and  have some very creative ideas for using this glitter nail polish. 
That about wraps it up for what's in my violet voxbox from influenster, but watch for my reviews on each one of these products.

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