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10 Simple Steps To Combat Dark Circles And Bags Under The Eyes

Non Surgical ways to get rid of under eye dark circle and bags

Dark circles and puffy eye bags are the bane of beauty-conscious people everywhere. The delicate area under the eye can easily succumb to puffiness and discoloration, which is unsightly and has an aging effect on the face. Concealer provides a quick fix, but luckily there are plenty of steps that can be taken to improve and even prevent the appearance of dark circles and bags for a clearer, younger-looking area around the eyes.

What Causes Dark Circles And Bags Under The Eyes?

The area under the eyes has delicate skin that is easily damaged or discolored which is just one of the factors that can lead to under eye problems:

•The skin under the eyes loses elasticity and gets thinner as it ages which can contribute to both puffiness and dark circles. Genetics also plays a role.
•Circulation problems and health conditions such as anemia can add to the appearance of dark circles.
•Allergies or a build up of fluid under the eyes can cause puffiness and eye bags.
•Tiredness and poor diet can soon damage the skin, including under the eyes.

10 Simple Steps To Combat Circles And Puffiness

There are plenty of simple and non-surgical ways to soothe and look after the area under the eyes:

1. Good nutrition, regular exercise, hydration and plenty of rest will improve overall condition all over the body – including reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
2. Soothe and cool the area with home remedies such as cucumber or raw potato slices, chilled tea bags or even spoons that have been placed in the refrigerator to cool them down.
3. Choose eye creams designed to lighten, brighten and smooth the area under the eyes. Eye creams with aloe can help to brighten the skin under the eyes. Eye creams containing soy rice peptides use a natural, botanical complex reduce puffiness and dark circles.
4. Sun protection. Those opting for a sunscreen should look for something specially formulated for such a delicate area, or the chemicals could add to the appearance of worn and tired skin. A wide brimmed hat and big sunglasses can help protect the area.
5. Make up should be removed every night, using a gentle and fragrance free makeup remover that won't irritate the skin under the eyes.
6. Take care of any underlying causes such as anemia, fluid retention or allergies that are contributing to dark circles or eye bags.
7. Avoid heavy moisturizers that lock fluid into the skin and beauty products containing hyaluronic acid which plumps up the skin. These can be great for wrinkles in other areas, but under the eyes can add extra puffiness.
8. Consider changing sleeping position – dark circles can be caused by blood pooling under the eyes, so propping the head up with some extra pillows can make a big difference.
9. Be mindful of chemicals and fragrances when choosing products for under the eyes. Avoid strong fragrances or products with a long list of complicated ingredients.
10. Treat the area carefully – when applying makeup or cosmetics, always use the pinkie finger, which is less strong and less likely to damage the delicate skin.

Dark circles and eye bags are unsightly but with good self care, simple home treatments and nourishing, gentle cosmetics, the appearance of circles and bags can be reduced for brighter and more younger looking eyes.


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