Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DoesYour Husband Steal Your Anti-Wrinkle Cream?

My Husband Stole My Anti-Wrinkle Cream

My Husband Stole My Anti-Wrinkle Cream
by Anna Margolina
Imagine a mystery. Somebody has been using your favorite moisturizer. Some one even sampled your anti-wrinkle creams and serums. But you know that no one has entered your bathroom except you and your husband. Oh no! Your husband is using your supplies. You thought your husband was a 'real man'. Real men don't use moisturizers and anti-wrinkle creams! Or do they?
Good Skin Care is Good For Business
Is your husband in a business that requires a well-groomed, trimmed and youthful appearance? If yes, he may need more than soap and shaving cream to keep his skin looking good. Even for those of us who do not speak in public, appearance is still very important.
If you are a relatively young man who has an unusual amount of wrinkles, people may wonder if you have some hidden vices or they may assume that you are under an extreme amount of stress.
If your eyes are baggy, your prospective employer may decide that your health may be not that great. If your lips are chapped and your skin is flaky, people may feel a certain level of discomfort when talking to you.
Today's America worships youth and health. To appear successful and to build a rapport with people you need to have smooth, youthful skin, free of blemishes, scars and excessive wrinkles.
Aging Male Skin
Most men age slower than women. They have fewer wrinkles and generally need very little skin care. However, there are exceptions.
Men who have natural red hair, may have thinner skin with little protective melanin pigment. As a result, their skin may become more damaged due to UV-radiation and develop wrinkles faster.
With age, the level of the male hormone testosterone begins to drop. This results in thinner, grayer, more wrinkled skin.
Men who frequently have to speak and move their facial muscles (actors, speakers, politicians, people in public relation businesses etc.) may develop premature mimic wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.
Whatever the reason, there is nothing wrong with a man who uses cosmetic products. In fact, wise use of cosmetic moisturizers and anti-wrinkle creams may give your man a good advantage in business, making his smooth, youthful and healthy skin a valuable asset.

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