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My Client Ali Kay's Story of how to cope with under eye dark circles

Lordess of the Rings

-Ali Kay

I’m not typically self-conscious about my looks nor do I think I’m a supermodel. In my opinion on most days I consider myself “cute” in a bohemian way.
Lipstick and eyeliner are my make up staples, but as of lately I’m in a battle with my concealer. It seems I just can’t layer enough on to cover what would
be my under eye dark circles. When I lost a significant amount of weight I remember friends would chime, “It’s really dark underneath your eyes.”
Had the extra weight plumped the skin underneath my eyes making me more attractive? Losing weight seemed to cause my skin to thin out and be discolored in 
unattractive hues such as brown and a purple color. In some lighting without make up—I appeared ghastly. I’ve sat in front of the mirror and applied layers of concealer 
in many colors trying to find the perfect shade—I haven’t been successful. Some days I think I have mastered the art of concealing, but then someone says “Why are 
Your eyes so dark underneath?” or “Are you tired?” When I hear these things it’s frustrating and I feel my battle with dark circles has won. I’m not 
A quitter so I refuse to give up on masking these pesky circles. Sure, I can find humor and call myself “Lordess of the Rings,” similar to the movie “Lord of the Rings.”
It seems on some days I should wear a cloaked hood with a Medevial dress and walk with my head down—in an attempt to hide my circles. Is there a support 
Group for women that suffer from this affliction? Surely, we could sit together with cold spoons, cucumbers, and teabags on our eyes. We could sit and listen to 
Each other and know what it feels like to try to rid such an unsightly discoloration.

Some days I want to apply thick black lines underneath my eyes like football players— and act as if I’m going to play sports. Instead I buy concealer—many types
thick creamy kinds which usually work best. I’ve tried the waxy, stick kind that don’t rub in as well. There are the creamy twist up stick kind that work but 
wear off quickly, and there is the turn up liquid kind that in my situation—can only be put over a thick concealer. There is actually concealer too thin to use 
with my circles and can be used simply as a “second coat” to mask my problem areas. It’s frustrating as I don’t feel liberated to just walk around with my 
natural skin showing. My under eyes look like I’m a vampire looking for my next feed. Some days I appear to be exhausted and can’t hide the darkness. 
I usually wear a bright lipstick, which seems would distract attention away from my eyes to my lips. Some days I think I do a good job and I don’t hear any
comments about my dark circles, but there are days I have been caught without make up by friends. Never would I go in public without make up.
At home sometimes I just don’t care. It can be exhausting to try and look decent and cover dark circles all the time. I have my concealer palette and
Sticks, creams and arsenal of beauty products that I have on hand at all times. Sometimes I use my fingers to apply them and sometimes I use a brush and
Become an artist trying to blend make up into my skin with precision. I wondered though if my beauty problem was something more serious.

I called my Dad to ask the question I needed to know. “Do you have dark circles?”
“Ooh yeah,” he said, with a laugh. “Ooh so it’s genetic?” I said, seeming relieved. “Yeah, but you shouldn’t have them so bad this young,” he said. 
I felt nervous as if something was wrong. “What is it?” I dared to ask. “It could be anemia… you should get checked out,” he said. “Maybe it’s allergies,” 
My sister said. Sometimes dark circles are genetics, and other times it’s food or other allergies, even including weight loss, but apparently there are many factors.
I remember the free days of being really youthful and walking around without concealer and letting my natural face shine. Now, as I’ve gotten older I’m using 
Anti-wrinkle cream, coloring my slight grays, and fighting dark circles. Aging is a hard thing to deal with especially in a youth obsessed society. The pressure 
To look young, pretty and radiant seems not only important, but crucial. Whether you want to get hired at a job, land a mate, or be deemed as “attractive” 
It seems under eye circles are something that are not only looked at as “unattractive” but that you partied the night before. Many stereotypes are given as I 
Mentioned some think I’m a night owl vampire or someone who isn’t well rested. This is not always the case. Sometimes it’s a mystery that hasn't yet been solved. 
In my case I've given up some foods that I’m allergic to and try to get proper rest. Being hydrated is important and taking care of my skin but even if I practice
Those things I still seem to battle the darkness that appears in it’s gloomy brown and purple hues. At least I have something that is like a “light saber” in the form
Of a concealer stick. Even if I haven’t mastered the right consistency to use or the perfect shade or layering technique—I’m not giving up. 

Most days I hear “You have a nice smile” and I realize that maybe if I keep smiling—I can learn to laugh off my dark circles. Beauty is important but I think smiling
And laughter makes anybody really attractive. Concealer is great, especially when matched with a positive attitude. I may not have won this round of my dark circles
But I’m not giving up on finding the perfect concealer. This is akin to finding the “perfect mate.” Finding the perfect concealer or perfect mate requires a lot of patience,
A sense or humor and being able to stay positive even when you feel like giving up. Remember under eye bags doesn't mean “emotional baggage,” so it’s important to stay
strong and keep smiling. Now if someone asks if I’m a vampire or stay up late or asks if I’m tired—I tell them yes and laugh—of course I realize I may need a second
application of make up or it’s time to go shopping for some new make up. 
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