Sunday, February 3, 2013

Do Pheromones Really Work to Attract Love?

by Dr. Loren Pickart & Idelle Musiek
Discover the science behind fragrance and why expensive perfumes do not work. The chemistry of attraction is signaled by the natural scents of pheromones that draw others to you.
Love (and maybe a small touch of lust) is in the air triggered by pheromones that send airborne messages. They entice and delight as they spin you in a sensual web of fragrant attraction. Discover the secret scents of essential oils that have activated our senses for thousands of years.
What Does the Science Show?
1. Scientific gene studies emphasize the importance of scents. Over 7% of the human genome is devoted to about 1500 genes that react to smells and scents.
2. Dr. Loren Pickart, who discovered the skin remodeling copper peptide GHK, became interested in the social aspects of smells when he studied newborn infants who had high levels of toxic short chain fatty acids in their blood. Fatty acids must be controlled and lowered or they may cause brain damage. These types of acids (propanoic and butyric) were acidic smelling but did seem to cause a bonding with the medical staff. Literature research found that such acids strongly increased attraction in monkeys and chimpanzees.
3. Fragrant pheromone scents have been proven to enhance human bonding and relaxation. Pheromones both stimulate and calm your senses. Pheromones nurture love and friendship.
How Pheromones can work for you
Discover the secret scents of essential oils that have activated our senses for thousands of years. Some examples included Jasmine, Patchouli, and Sandalwood. Our Body Perfume, Calypsos Oil, and Body Lotion contains pheromones.
The chemistry of attraction may be cupid's arrow dipped in scented pheromones. You can sniff your way to success with scents that promote social bonding. In a sense, pheromones are the genetic glue that attracts and unites all of us with each other.

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  1. Reports have proven that the usage of these pheromones are believed to secrete neurotransmitters which specifically transform men’s behavior, which includes triggering sensual pleasure.


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