Thursday, May 22, 2014

Go Voxbox from influenster

This  is the Go vVoxbox from influenster and its huge, full of all kinds of great stuff. This  Go Voxbox was send to me free from influenster for the purpose of testing. I ll will be testing and blogging about each one of these products. So here is what in the box!

This product comes from the vitamin shop and its called " Next Step" this is a healthy  weight management protein shake, that supports reduction of body fat. Also reduces hunger and craving. I received  a shaker bottle with a jack inside to help mix the powdered shake mix. also 3 extra berry  shakes, plus a $ 5.00 off gift.   WOW! love this and cant wait to try. Got the fresh berries flavor, oh yum!  This is going to be the first product that I will be tasting & reviewing, so you will want to stay tune for that! 

This next product is called "Aqua Spa" its a  bath soak scented with lavender & chamomile.Aqua Span also contains a marine youth complex.  brilliant! relaxing in a tub while  obtaining  youthfulness, I love it!

Next up I received 2  amazing products from "PRofoot" a pair of triad orthotics. (which I am so grateful for cause I have to stand a lot at work)  These orthotic have been clinically proven to relieve knee, leg and back pain. yahoo! this is really something I can use.. Plus  I was also send a Pedi-Rock from "ProFoot" which the company says will  gently remove calluses &dry skin. We shall see!

"Blue Diamond"  flavored almonds in the flavor of blueberries loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E. hum very interesting combination. Ill be tasting these on camera and giving  you my flavor taste opinion.

Also received  this box of "playtex" Sport fresh balance  with odor shield to keep you fresh on and off the field.

And last but certainly not least a free "Muller" Greek corner yogurt, could it get any better than this! I have been wanting to try this stuff  that seems like forever ! I ll be doing a big blog post on this product and maybe even a video.  keep checking back if this is a product you been wanting to try. Keep checking back for all the the Go Voxbox  product reviews!


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