Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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Night time tips for puffy eyes banishment: 

To prevent the lymphatic drainage that will result in puffiness, raise the elevation of your head during sleep. The use of more than one pillow can be the answer to your particular eye puffiness.
By breathing in stale air, whether it is someone else or just your own, it can promote the look of early morningpuffy eyes. Also sleep with your window open to boost the oxygen intake you receive at night.

One important factor to remember is to remove your eye make up completely, before bed. Even the smallest amount left on the eyes will cause swollen eyes the following morning. Be sure that you eye make up remover is as gentle and effective as possible. The use of a product that gets every bit of make up off with as much ease as possible and has the ability to soothe the under eye area with a gentle chamomile extract is an excellent choice. Just always make sure that there are no traces of eye shadow or mascara left behind while only a gentle glide removes those traces without pulling or causing irritation.

Another tip is to make sure that any anti-aging skin care cream is not too heavy or rich. An ultra light eye cream with night repair formulas are the best suited to avoid puffiness and should be used in a sparingly amount.

While your body needs plenty of water during the day, at about 8 to 10 regular glasses during the normal day, at night it is a general rule to avoid immediately before bed. But continue your daily intake to help flush out any toxins or salts from your body, the salt is a particular large factor for puffiness and fluid retention. Just always cut back on the amount of water you consume as your bed time nears, stopping that intake at least a couple of hours before lying down.

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