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VuDu Argan-Fig Shampoo is the most luxurious Sulfate and Paraben Free shampooing experience ever developed. It's created on a base foundation of hair and scalp-healthy aloe juice and a proprietary blend of botanical extracts. Hair color is protected and shine is vitalized with Golden Seal and other rare ingredients. Moroccan Argan oil gives your hair a noticeable healthy and manageable feel. Beautiful hair starts at a much deeper cellular level and we use the most powerful and luxurious nutrients available. Our manufacturing and development process utilizes the conditioning benefits of Moroccan Argan oil and other fine ingredients without weighing your hair down. Our process allows the hair to retain only what it needs and nothing more. This creates a nutritious, dense, and concentrated, creamy foam that has to be experienced to believe.

VuDu Argan-Fig Conditioner is designed to make your hair soft, silky, and manageable with excellent comb-through ability... without weighing your hair down. This is accomplished using the finest hair-care nutrients and ingredients available and a proprietary manufacturing technique that helps your hair absorb only what it needs. Not only will your hair be manageable, but it should feel, look, and grow thicker due to its high nutrient content and by blocking hair-growth disruptors like Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). VuDu Hair Conditioner is created on a base foundation of hair and scalp-healthy aloe juice and 10 botanical extracts... not water. Your hair will be repaired, revitalized, and incredibly soft. Hair color is protected with Golden Seal and other special ingredients, while Moroccan Argan oil adds luxurious shine and texture.

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What exciting news!!  Look in your shopping cart and you will see the Kit with the Argan Fig Shampoo and Conditioner. I was a tester for the Argan Fig Shampoo and Conditioner and really love it! My hair is silver, thinfine, soft and almost shoulder length and it really plumped up my hair and made it shiny and manageable...not to mention how luxurious it is. Now, I can place my order. I found out from Michelle today that you can also buy the shampoo and conditioner separately and you will see them individually in our shopping carts soon. Also, these products are not refillable because of their larger size. They come in 8 ounce bottles and are like the serums, where you only need about half the amount that you would use normally. These products will definitely help boost our sales. Also, take a look at the ISA Enrollment Packages. The Combo Kit now has 3 Kits instead of 2 and this is also great for an ISA that wants to purchase all 3 Kits when signing up and of course will boost your commissions and bonuses. 

Another plus is that VuDu Hair Products will also be available in the the Back Bar sizes and salons will love these products! Now, we have more great products to offer to salons and more ways to boost our sales. 

VuDu Hair Products contain DHT blockers, which will help with hair loss. DHT’s are produced by low female, high male hormones. This is the compound that causes hair loss in some people so it could also help women as well. That is great news and I am looking forward to fuller, healthier hair.

Let your customers and ISA's know about these incredible hair products and you'll be glad you did. The 
Cupuacu-Mint Shampoo and Conditioner is also on the way and should be available around the end of February.
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