Friday, February 15, 2013

Why become a affiliate for Blackbox Cosmetices

. Superior Ingredients:  
Our products are Salon Quality, 100% effective and uniquely designed with potent levels of the most effective nutrients, compounds and botanicals that offer superior results.  We have removed harmful chemicals and preservatives that are prevalent in the industry. Our #1 goal is to produce the most advanced personal care products in the world. Our #2 goal is to obtain goal #1 using the healthiest and safest ingredients possible. Compare our products with other well known skincare products. You may have a difficult time doing this online, however. Our products also include nutrients at the highest effective percentage. Most companies hide their list of ingredients, since their #1 ingredient is almost always water and the product is filled with harmful parabens. BlackBox Cosmetics are aloe based, not water based, botanically preserved instead of preserved with formaldehyde, are free of all toxins and parabens, gluten free, contain botanical ingredients, vitamins, minerals and super-antioxidants that help reverse the aging process and promote beautiful healthy skin.

2.  Superior Packaging and Distribution Process:
Our products are packaged in beautiful acrylic airless dispensers that are cool, attractive, smart and earth friendly to preserve the highest possible effective nutrient value. They are stored in refrigeration units before shipping to preserve their effectiveness. Our products are made fresh, less than 30 days before they are sold and are fresh from 12-18 months after purchase, unlike
many products that sit in hot warehouses, only to be shipped to a retail outlet where they may sit on the shelf for many months.

3.  Our Products appeal to Everyone:
Our anti-aging and acne skincare products are designed and work for women and men of all ages and skin types which means we have an awesome and huge market that needs our products. People with sensitive skin and allergies and men will find that our products work exceptionally well for them because our products are natural, very lightly scented, have no offensive odor and are easy to apply. Those with problem skin are seeing great results with our line of acne skincare products and there is a huge market for this. Just think of all the people with problem skin that need our products.

4.  Affordability:
We have a unique concept that makes our products very affordable. When you need more product...just order the substantially discounted money saving Refills that are also eco-friendly. You will save more than 20% off the original cost. I use all the products in the Restoration Kit and they last me a full 8 weeks and I just order the money saving Refill Kit when I need more products. Where can you purchase superior Salon Quality natural skincare products at a fraction of what the high end salons charge? The answer is BlackBox Cosmetics.

5.  Highest Paying Commission and Bonus Structure in the Industry:
This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for an excellent way to make income from home, whether it be extra income to supplement your present income or eventually replace the income from a job that you don't enjoy. Why not do something that is fun, exciting and helps others not to mention being your own boss. You can create a good monthly income that continues to grow even when you aren't working on your BlackBox Cosmetics business. Did you know that 75% of the business that BlackBox does is in the money saving Refills? Our products work and customers love them.
As an Independent Sales Associate, you have the ability to earn 20% commission on what you sell, with 5% bonus increments for each $1,000 sold per month, in which case you can earn up to 40% commission. The will add up quickly! For example, if the total sales in your shopping cart is $3,000 x 20%, you would get a $600 Bonus on top of your commissions for that month. BlackBox Cosmetics broke the mold when they created a commission structure with Unlimited 1st Level Sponsoring, NO sales quotas, NO need to stock product, NO monthly financial commitment, NO annual renewal and NO unfair sales requirements.

I have been involved with many direct sales companies and none have compared to BlackBox Cosmetics. This company has integrity, revolutionary products, an exceptional business opportunity and they care about the success of their ISA's. They greatly reward their ISA's that work hard on building their BlackBox business and recognize their success. Every direct sales company that I was part of required me to purchase a large amount of personal product on autoship every month just to qualify for commissions. They also charged a monthly service fee for a marketing website and their products were not exceptional and were overpriced. BlackBox gives us a FREE Marketing website, exceptional products that are affordable and they make it easy to succeed.

BlackBox Cosmetics is rapidly leading the way in the natural skincare industry with their


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