Friday, June 7, 2013

Its a Good time to join Blackbox

Dear ISAs,

In recent weeks there has been a considerable amount of product development and improvement to existing products that I would like to share with you. In addition, I have some great news regarding the company and our commission/bonus structure. Once again, these changes will increase the income of our ISAs.

Overall, BlackBox Cosmetics is growing rapidly and the numbers through April show that sales are not only growing, but accelerating. As many of you already know... in 1998 I founded a very successful and one of the very first online investment and stock trading businesses. A resource we use to locate fast growing public companies allows me to see what's going on across a wide spectrum of business sectors. Of course BlackBox Cosmetics is not yet a publicly traded company, but our growth rate suggests we would find ourselves among the fastest growers. Often I am asked if BlackBox Cosmetics will ever go public. Currently, we are focused on creating the very best skin and hair-care products in existence, while keeping up with our accelerating growth pattern. However, it is definitely something to consider. I can assure you that our ISAs will be among the first to know if BBC ever goes public.

Commission & Bonus Payout

When I created BlackBox Cosmetics, there was an industry standard 6-12% product return rate that I had to put into our business model. I felt like we would be at the low end of this standard and chose to incorporate a potential 6% return rate. Nonetheless, there were reports of some retail businesses, (e.g., seeing a 30-35% return rate. So I wasn't exactly sure how we would fair with this inconvenient, yet necessary business expense. After all, 90% of our products come in airless packaging and the manufacturing industry says to expect up to a 2% failure rate.

I'm happy to report that after tens of thousands of items sold, BlackBox Cosmetics has a return rate so low that we cannot even quantify it into our business model. To be exact, it is somewhere in the neighborhood of 0.0008%. That's a long way from 1%, much less 6% that was figured into our business plan. As a matter of fact, in the vast majority of cases, the product was replaced or exchanged, not refunded. Since the company has been in business, we have not had to deduct one penny of commission from our ISAs for product returns.

I created BlackBox Cosmetics' income opportunity with family members and friends in mind. From the beginning, it has always been my goal to provide them with the very best products and earnings potential that a direct sales company can offer. Our low return rate has allowed us to increase our bonus payout on more than one occasion. I'm excited to announce that this windfall has allowed us to drastically lower the threshold for the three existing bonuses levels. In addition, we were able to add a very achievable 4th level bonus! Our new bonus structure can be seen below:

As you can see, our bonus payout thresholds have been cut in half and we have added a 4th level bonus payout of 25% that only requires $2,000 in shopping cart sales or enrollment of 4 new ISAs in any given calendar month! I think you will agree, this is a dramatic benefit to all of our Independent Sales Associates. These bonus percentages are paid on your entire shopping cart sales... in addition to 20% commission already being paid. Now ISAs can earn a very achievable 45% commission/bonus on their shopping cart, while their sales organization commissions can grow down to the 8th level. I have never encountered any commission structure with a payout structure that has this much earnings potential with such a low threshold. This new structure goes into effect on June 1st. THIS IS A GOOD TIME TO JOIN  join now! CLICK HERE!

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