Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Winter skin care

The lazy, crazy, hot days of summer are fast becoming a memory, and fall is on its way, with winter chasing right at its heels. Time for you to review your fall and winter skin care program.
During the summer, skin is under a lot of stress, and residues of dead skin cells can build up, leaving your skin looking dull, lifeless and sun-damaged. So a great start to the colder months is a natural resurfacing treatments such as a glycolic peel, herbal peel, a yummy and very appropriate fall pumpkin peel, or a zingy cranberry enzymes treatment - all are invigorating and highly effective skin renewing treatments. You can seek out a specialist esthetician or spa which specializes in caring for the skin and ask about the nature based specialist facial peels they offer.
Peels as part of your fall skin makeover program make your skin feel just wonderful. They remove the debris that the summer leaves behind, and make your skin glow with radiant health,even removing some damage caused by the sun. 
These treatments are mild, kind and yet very effective, definitely not as harsh as laser treatments and a great deal less expensive. The world's most beautiful women are turning more and more to nature based beauty treatments, and so should you. After all, for thousands of years, women have understood that nature's way is best, and we are rediscovering that beauty secret in the twenty first century.
If summer can be a trial for you skin, fall and winter can be much worse. Yet the cold weather also has its skin benefits. I remember my grandmother, who lived in England her whole life, using a simple lotion which smelled of roses in the winter. Her skin was always beautifully soft - kissing her cheek was like kissing a rose petal. She told me that her secret was a rosehip oil, scented with pure oil of roses, which a friend made for her. She had started using it during the second world war when she was a Land Girl and no-one in England could get hold of manufactured cosmetics.
She also took a brisk walk every day, swearing it was good for the skin, and only ever used soap on her face once a week - the rest of the week she used cleansing milk and real cotton wool. That brisk walk routine continued well into her nineties. She drank lots of tea and warm water, ate a great deal of fruit and vegetables, never smoked and had just the occasional glass of sherry. These good lifestyle choices are all great ways to make sure you have lovely skin, all year round..
These days, wise women are seeking out natural remedies and ingredients again for their winter skin care. Luckily we no longer have to go searching the hedgerows ourselves for the flowers, fruits and herbs that make us beautiful. Moisturizers and lotions containing lovely natural ingredients like jojoba and shea butter, and invigorating fruits and herbs, are easily available for the protection of your skin in fall and winter, and they work alongside your skin's natural oils to enhance softness and appearance.
In summer we think about hydration.In the colder months, our skin demands light and delicate moisturizing oils and protective ingredients like beeswax which form a light coating for your skin, shielding it from the ravages of winter. Remember your lips are very vulnerable in winter, so ensure that you use a moisturizing lipstick or a chapstick whenever you are out and about.
Lipids are vital for protecting skin which in the cold weather is vulnerable to all kinds of shock. Seek out moisturizers which work with the natural lipids in your skin to build up protection and health to face the winter's chills. Moving from hot indoor environments to cold outdoor weather is harsh on the skin. Lipids act almost like an invisible protective mask to enable your skin to really glow, whatever the weather.
Many manufacturers are now offering lipid type oils supporting products along with their regular moisturizers. Used in conjunction, they give you invaluable and unique protection which you can't afford to go without this winter if you value your skin.
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