Friday, July 4, 2014

The Magic Power of Rose OIL

Rose the Power of love

Rose Oil is Lovely

The rose is symbolic of love and beauty and has an intoxicatingly, beautiful fragrance. The flower itself is divine, but the essential oil from roses is spiritually uplifting and has many healing properties. There scent is so powerful and captivating that it actually works to boost moods. The sweet aroma can help with emotional needs such as grieving, sadness and can help give you mental strength. There is a spiritual quality to roses and the scent can bring about a feeling of joy and happiness when smelled. Not only can roses help lend a hand emotionally, but they are powerful in aromatherapy and in facial skin care. There are two types of roses that are used in essential oils and that is Rose Otto which means “attar of rose” and is best to use in aromatherapy and skin care. It has a light floral scent with a heady aroma. Rose Absolute or “Rosa Damascena” known by its botanical name is great for fragrance formulators and perfumists. This is a
wonderful scent in natural perfumery. An interesting fact is that Bulgaria produces a lot of rose oil with the rest from Morocco, France, Turkey, Russia and a few other places.

Rose Otto is wonderful for skin concerns such as aging, broken capillaries, dry skin and eczema. It’s anti-inflammatory and great for sensitive skin, especially prone to redness. Therapeutically, it nurtures mature skin and can even help balance hormone issues for women—meaning it can help regulate hormone production, and help ease cramps, fatigue and nausea associated with Pre-menstrual syndrome or P.M.S. Some other great features of Rose Otto are its anti-aging benefits, which help the skin,  as it has the ability to penetrate deeper into layers of the skin due to the Vitamin A in the oil. Vitamin A also helps improve skin’s moisture, promotes circulation, and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles giving the skin a youthful appearance. Rose oil also has other anti-oxidants including Vitamin C, which helps stimulate collagen production, helping to reduce fine lines.Rose oil is most often used in skin care products, but also in facial treatments.
The potent essential oil can be used in a massage oil to gently rub into the face by an esthetician, and it can also be used as a toner.

Used in body treatments the oil can help to strengthen, tone and lift skin, making it ideal for helping with stretch marks. Rose oil is perfect for healing scars and after marks from boils and acne helping them fade quickly. This is because of the antioxidant properties in the oil.  For a refreshing treat rose water spray is amazing for the skin as it rejuvenates and purifies the skin. Rose water spray is great for all skin types, but due to it being anti-bacterial, it helps relieve redness, and is excellent for dry skin and helps soften signs of aging. Rose oil in a skin care product such as a serum is great to use before a moisturizer. For a pick me up during the day, you can spray rose water onto your face to feel refreshed and hydrated.

Rosehip seed oil is another wonderful aromatic product to use on the face. It actually comes from seeds from a specific variety of roses, which is most often“Rosa Moschata.” Rose hip seed oil has essential fatty acids and contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and B-Carotene, which is a form of Vitamin A. Rose hip seed oil also has anti-aging properties and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is very enjoyable to use aromatherapy products with Rose oil in them for its luxurious aromatic scent, and for the many wonderful healing benefits. It’s known to be a tonic for nerves, so it can help you to relax during a spa treatment, facial or even when using rose oil at home. One more fascinating thing about Rose oil is that it’s a known aphrodisiac and the smell has been known to be arousing, boost libido and cause romantic feelings, which should be no surprise as it’s known as the flower of love. There are so many reasons to indulge in this sensuous and
delicate scent, while helping to give your skin a radiant glow of youthfulness.

  • Sweet and sensual
  • Soothes and nourishes inflamed and sensitive skin
  • Helps induce deep relaxation
  • Calming for emotional or tense times 
  Blends well with geranium, bergamot and black pepper.


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