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Latest Trends In Skincare For Mature Skin

Treat Your Skin Gently And Help It Age Gracefully

As your skin gets older, it's vital that you take good care of it. Aging skin is less elastic than younger skin, which means it is more prone to wrinkles. As skin ages, it suffers a breakdown in both collagen and elastin, the proteins responsible for keeping your skin firm and young looking. Combined with the thinning of skin as it gets older and the risk of increased dryness, it's easy to see why you need to take better care than ever of your skin as it ages.

Advances In Skin Care For Aging Skin

When a woman gets into her fifties or early sixties, after the menopause, she will often notice an increase in wrinkles and a thinner, more delicate feel to her skin. Over the last 30 years, science has made many
when it comes to skincare for mature women, patenting many products that are specially designed to give older skin a boost. But with so many beauty trends around right now, what is really best for older skin?

Advanced Skin Care Can Cause Irritation

If your skin is more mature, it's important that you treat it with care and gentleness. You may find that some of the products on the market today, even though they can help with wrinkles, lack the gentleness that aging skin needs to really thrive. Many beauty trends such as glycolic peels and other treatments are too harsh for sensitive older skin. Even retinol, often touted as one of the greatest trends in skincare for mature women, can be a little too harsh on older skin. A study by the University of Michigan's dermatology department found that although retinol helped reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it frequently caused redness and irritation in testers with mature skin. So what should you look for in your skin care products to help protect your skin as it ages?

Natural Ingredients Are Best

When it comes to looking after more mature skin, look to mother nature. Natural substances and beauty products made with natural ingredients such as oils and even peptides, a naturally occurring amino acid that can boost collagen, are often far gentler for older skin. Some people find they benefit from natural oils such as coconut applied directly to the skin, but for the best results opt for a beauty treatment that has been specially formulated to contain natural, gentle oils, while still penetrating your skin to nourish it deep down.

Peptides Strengthen Skin From The Inside Out

Peptides are short chains of amino acids. One of the most popular beauty trends for mature skin, peptides can help your skin to produce more collagen, but without the irritation of some retinol products. Products containing peptides may simply be labeled “amino acids”, or copper or soy peptides. Keep an eye out for this collagen-boosting little ingredient and help your skin to age well.

Natural Oils Give Skin A Naturally Gentle Boost

When it comes to skincare for mature women, you can't beat the natural beauty of essential oils. Essential oils were being used by ancient Egyptian royalty for beauty care as early as 2000 BC, and to this day Egyptian neroli oil is a fragrant skincare product that can boost your skin. You may find the following essential oils beneficial:

•Myrrh soothes and heals the skin•Sandalwood helps firm the skin while combating dryness•Frankincense rejuvenates the skin and evens the color•Rosehip oil smooths and moisturizes•Orange and tangerine oil give skin of any age a healthy glow

Some women are even finding the use of emu oil can have amazing benefits for mature skin! A hot beauty trend right now, emu oil penetrates deep into the skin and helps nourish and rebuild it.

Treat Your Skin Gently And Help It Age Gracefully

Natural essential oils and skincare based on the power of nature is here to stay, and that's good news if you're looking for a way to take good care of your skin as it ages. If you want to help your skin age gracefully, start taking care of it now, whatever your age. By choosing gentle natural treatments with oils and extracts to nourish and strengthen your skin, you'll be helping your skin to keep glowing with health no matter how many candles are on your birthday cake. VIew my website HERE!

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