Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BEWARE OF CARMAX!! reviews on carmax

I recently bought a car from CARMAX, a company thats been growing strong in the last few years. (probably   due to the fact they take advantage of people with poor or no credit.). They might make buying a car easy, But buyer beware of  this company's  false tactics. We all heard about how negligent they have been in  telling  buyers of cars with recalls.. But i found  also  their so called CARMAX 125-point in quality inspection is BULLSHIT!  I bought a used car with 36 thousand mile on it and was given a 30 warranty, a week after the 30 days the battery went completely dead.. I was told the battery was bad by two mechanics.I try  to call Carmax  for two days and the Carmax Manager wouldn't even   return my calls .. I was stuck and had to buy a new battery. Carmax  refused to make any compensation  What reputable dealership would treat their  customers this way ! They are all nice till after you buy a car from them, then try to get some service!
A reputable dealership won't put bad parts in a car either would they? The battery was to small for the car so it looks like they replace parts with inexpensive faultily parts,   and will not help you at all if they go bad.. Carmax basically told me to fuck off  it's   a week over your 30 days...My advice to you is don't  buy a car from Carmax  they are not to be trusted. Buy your car from a reputable dealership who cares about their customers. And if you don't believe me Check out some of their reviews!

If we allow big companys like this  to keep taking advantage of us  well, then there goes any customer service.  Please if you have had any dealings with this company i would love your comments
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