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How To Create A Uplifting Warm & Cozy Mood for the Holidays

Holiday Oils

There is something so fascinatingly wonderful about summer ending and fall approaching. Everything seems intriguing, especially how the long summers days suddenly turn into shorter nights, with a crisp feeling in the air. It’s an almost magical time when things seem refreshing and new. The shift is noticeable and there is a slight wind in the air that reminds you Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way. The most noticeable thing about fall is the variety of intoxicatingly yummy scents. Aromatherapy really takes a stand during this season. The most popular fall oils are cinnamon, clove, ginger, sweet orange and vanilla. Popular Christmas oils are fir needle, scotch pine, peppermint, frankincense and myrrh, cinnamon and cedarwood. These scents are used in candles, potpourri, room sprays and burning scents in a diffuser to make the room smell delicious.

Cooking takes center stage during the holiday season and many spices are used such as cinnamon, clove and vanilla. It’s a time when turkeys are being stuffed, side dishes are being prepared with many spices, and candles are lit. The senses are engaged during this season, so adding aromatherapy during fall and winter to your days of cooking, or sitting around drinking hot cocoa with friends by a roaring fireplace can enhance your enjoyment. Aromatherapy is known to uplift your mood easily and almost instantly so if you or someone you know who is visiting you this season is prone to seasonal depression, loneliness or in a stressful mood—essential oils can work almost like magic. 

Here are some wonderful essential oils to use that are uplifting, cheerful and soothing.
Cinnamon is a warming aroma during the holiday season. This spicy scent invigorates, strengthens, energizes and focuses the mind. Burned in an aroma lamp or used as a spice in cooking, cinnamon can alleviate the inner chill, or cold feeling of inward introspection, and of nervous exhaustion. 
Ginger is another warming, strengthening and balancing oil. It encourages confidence, empathy and courage while combating confusion, burnout and sadness. It is an excellent tonic for both the physical and emotional bodies.
Peppermint, either in the form of candy canes, or as an essential oil, can be a stimulating experience. This scent excites, awakens, and refreshes the senses. It can clear negative energy; dispel mental fatigue and lethargy. Peppermint is a wonderful to calm nerves, alleviate headaches  and cleanse the atmosphere giving it a fresh, clean boost of energy.

Nutmeg, is traditionally used in cooking around the holidays, but as an oil it is relaxing and helps in reducing stress and nervousness. It stimulates mental fatigue and invigorates memory. This oil supports the body through holiday excesses, both emotionally and physically.
Frankincense is a very religious scent, used in church rituals on high mass days and in Temple dedication and brings us into a space of inspiration, inner strength and meditation. It is a very comforting oil, evoking emotional stability, fortitude and enlightenment. This is a wonderful oil to burn in an aroma lamp if nerves are getting frazzled or emotions frayed, if there is anxiety, exhaustion or depression.

Pine is an oil for patience, understanding, peace and friendship. It is comforting yet invigorating and encourages forgiveness, sharing, trust, acceptance and humility. It is reminiscent of having a Christmas tree in the house can dispel feelings of regret, guilt, self-blame, exhaustion, rejection and other negative emotions of self-worthlessness. Burning pine oil can uplift a household and bring out the best in people.

This fall you can experiment with aromatherapy by putting a few drops of different oils into a spray bottle with water and spraying the air. You can also put a few drops on cotton balls and hide in different places of the house or burn in a diffuser for a more powerful scent. These methods are used as natural air freshener. You can make a massage oil with cinnamon and clove to enjoy the spicy, warmth of the season. You can even do a foot bath with these blends to warm up feet and feel a sense of being immersed in joy. Another idea for using oils during the holiday season is to make a holiday perfume roll on blend. You can capture the aroma of this autumn or winter and wear it on you to enjoy the beautiful scents. 

Here are a few ideas for blend that are easy to use. You can buy the essential oils and a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil (you must dilute essential oils into an oil such as sweet almond oil or jojoba to keep your skin safe. However for cotton balls or spray bottle fresheners you don’t need to add carrier oils.) 

Great simple holiday blend for fall 

A diffuser will work the best, The ones seen below are really awesome, YOU CAN SHOP HERE FOR THEM!

(add few drops of each oil into base of carrier oil or put into spray bottle of water.)

Cinnamon, clove, orange and vanilla.

Orange ginger and clove

Great simple holiday blend for winter
Great simple holiday blend for winter
(add few drops of each oil into base of carrier oil or put into spray bottle of water.)

Fir needle, scotch pine and peppermint or

Cinnamon, fir needle and cedarwood.

Enjoy this holiday season and if you use some of these aromatherapy oils—get ready for some fun, magic and joy to surround you.

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