Sunday, November 9, 2014

Review for Keurig coffee maker 0.2

 I was lucky enough to receive the new Keurig coffee maker 0.2 complimentary of Influenster.. I received this coffee making machine for the purposes of reviewing and testing. First of all let me say that I've always been very skeptical of these type of machines, for one thing I feel that it's more expensive to brew a cup of coffee using K-cups then it is using a regular coffee machine with a filter.  When the coffee maker first arrived  my first thoughts were when I received this machine, although I was very excited to be getting this machine from Influenster my first thoughts were oh it's kind of big and a little bulky for my small kitchen counter. But as you can see it looks actually very nice sitting on the counter and the ease and convenience of using this machine soon had me hooked. I in fact  love this machine so much I went out and purchased  a little mini machine color coordinated to match my kitchen at the beach house. This is it below.

love using Keurig coffee makers  I'm totally  addicted and will never go back to using any other kind of coffee  maker, I can now see what all the fuss is about.  For one thing the coffee stay fresh because its  sealed individually  in what they call a K-cup so you get a fresh tasting cup of coffee every time. I registered both my brewers on the keurig website, where you can join and receive discounts for ordering on line plus free shipping . What a treat to have coffee deliverer to my door! There's also a wide array of  coffees and coffee flavors  to choose from. Some of my favorites  are the Green Mountain a smooth mild coffee, the Tully's french roast is exceptional  and the Barista Italian roast is a rich bold but smooth tasting coffee. So my conclusion, these coffee making machines are  worth every penny. I love my coffee making machines. have this Keurig well its like having my own coffee house at home, same great taste. THANK YOU INFLUENSTER AND THANK YOU KEURIG!!!

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