Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Healthy Habits For Beautiful Skin

Healthy skin is helped by healthy eating

This doesn’t mean you have to go on some crazy diet – rather that by focusing on the healthiest choices, you can have great skin and eat deliciously. You may not know that eating different foods can help target specific skin issues. For example, if you have dry skin, try eating more nuts and seeds, oil-rich fish like salmon, avocado and healthy oils like olive oil. When you eat the right food, you will see results and improve your skin. It’s about making small steps, and doing it deliciously!
“Research now links foods that spike blood sugar with acne breakouts. My recommendation is to avoid sugary foods and processed grains and instead, eat a diet rich in fiber, protein and healthy fats,” says Krieger. 

Sensitivity and irritation may also occur if you eat too many sugary foods, according to Krieger. To make sure that you’re not accidentally eating too much sugar, check these foods in your diet. 

A Glass a Day
Having a glass of O.J., or running to the store for a smoothie in the morning? Both could be packed with sugar if you’re not careful. Check the label for sugar content, and if you can, try to make your beverage fresh squeezed. 

Dairy Free
Frozen yogurt and fat free flavored yogurt may sound healthy but many varieties are full of, you guessed it – sugar. If you’re a fro-yo addict (like us), try plain yogurt instead. Add your favorite fruit with a little bit of honey for sweetness.

Dried Fruit
Dried fruit is another food that you may classify as a healthy, wholesome snack. It is probably better than eating a candy bar, but not always by much. In addition to the naturally high sugar content in fruits, most dried fruit snacks are caked in sugar, so limit your intake of these tasty treats. 
You don’t have to stop eating these foods but if they are part of your everyday diet, you might want to think about substituting them with more wholesome, fresh and skin loving foods..

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