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Below are testimonials from BlackBox Cosmetics customers.

I am obsessed with skincare. I have tried nearly EVERY product out there on the market. I am very impressed with BlackBox. These products have Teprenone which is a VERY expensive skin treatment for wrinkles - this brand is hypoallergenic and has top nutrients! For the cost, you have the FINEST ingredients available all in a buffered aloe base and NO preservatives. Very impressive indeed. In relation to the other mass marketed "solutions" BlackBox really does deliver what it says and at a much lower, eco-friendly cost. I am so happy and impressed. Also, my 16 year old son LOVES Frost face wash. It is all he uses to keep his skin clean and he has had terrible acne problems until he started using Frost. Make the switch it is worth it.
Melissa in Dallas, PA 

I had been using a popular acne treatment product advertised on TV and found my face dry and irritated over time. I was only using the cleanser and no after care on my face. The severe dryness was aging my skin, so although I do have adult acne sometimes, and BlackBox offers the GeniSkin for acne treatment, I decided to go with the Restoration Kit that's stocked with everything I need for a more vibrant look. I am very pleased with these products and I actually look forward to my morning and evening skin routine because I know it's so good for my skin! I took a photo when I first started and comparing to now, my skin looks so stimulated and full of life!   Kathryn, Seattle, WA

I love the products! I see something different every week. After the first week, I noticed that my skin was overall looking healthier and had a glow...even a co-worker mentioned it, and then she ordered her first kit! After the second week, I noticed that some acne scars and sun-damage spots were fading faster than with my previous skin care line, and some had completely disappeared! That was HUGE for me, because week after week, I have been using less and less concealer. After the 3rd week, I noticed that my under eye bags were not as visible and puffy, and even though I didn't have dark circles, the under eye area is brighter, which makes me look much more rested and my eyes appear brighter. After the 4th week, I noticed that some fine lines had faded and my face is tighter and my skin has plumped, making me feel like I'm looking at myself 10 years ago! My skin just looks better and feels better every week! My absolute favorite product is the Sea-Mask! I use it after I use the 6 Minute Miracle, and it is like a mini face-lift! My skin is so tight, smooth and poreless after using it! I am so happy with all of the products, and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of future products!  Mandy in Columbia, TN
“I started to see results almost immediately. It is amazing how my character lines in my face have softened. I feel young again. By the way I have been using the Radiance Ax on George and also used the GeniSkin Treatment Serum on him for a rash he had and it disappeared. He was so exited and said "sign me up".
Lee in Gainesville, FL
“From the first time I was introduced to these products by reading about them online,
I was amazed and eager to try them. Natural skin care with nutrient rich formulas for
a reasonable price is something I have been looking for. All of the products have
out-performed my highest expectations, with truly amazing results attained in only a
few weeks. I have sensitive skin prone to dryness, from living in a harsh northern
climate. Now I do not have to suffer with that itchy dryness ever again - the morning
Infusion and the all day Radiance make a huge difference and last all day. My skin is
soft and seems tighter, with an overall smooth texture. I am so impressed and I love
the soft aromas. The new Artisan soaps are a real treat, with essential oils but not
overly aromatic. One side has delicate crystals scattered over that are perfect for
exfoliating and the other side is as soft as butter with no drying residue whatsoever.
No need to buy pricey department store chemical-based skin care, when you can have
luxurious natural cosmeceuticals for a reasonable cost. I did a 6mm treatment last
night and I cannot believe how it has done away with my redness and my sunspots
almost entirely, and my skin is brighter, softer, and happier. I only need a little bit of
makeup and it has lasted all day. This is truly wonderful, and I feel like I have my
young face back!!!!!!! Yippeee for BBC!”  Christine in Essex Junction, VT
“I am a representative from New York. I love the products!  They are amazing!  Since I started using BlackBox, my skin feels and looks much softer and smoother. I feel good about using a product that does not contain harmful ingredients, and is actually nourishing my skin. It’s nice
to have a product that you actually want to use. I look forward to all the new products in the future. This is a great company!” Christine in Vestal, NY
“I try all new products out there that make claims of making your skin more youthful. I guess I believe in the "Fountain of Youth".  After being on the BlackBox Cosmetics for about a month, my skin was smoother and less lines around my eyes.  I have never experienced any products that made my pores smaller and these do!!  I love my skin for the first time in my life.  Others have noticed too!  At least 3 times a week someone tells me how nice my complexion is. It really is nice to hear and I get a chance to tell them about BlackBox.  Last weekend my Husband and I were shopping and I returned to the shopping cart to put my items in it.  My Husband was speaking with a sales associate and she said is this your daughter?  I said oh thank you but I am his wife, she said, "you look so young."  Wow, I called my Husband daddy the rest of the day.  We are both 48 years old and I think he is hot still after 30 years and now he is using the products so he can look younger too!"Ann in Belchertown, MA
“Everything about BlackBox Cosmetics is wonderful; the cost, the packaging, the smell of the products, the safety of the products, the feel of the products on my skin along with the improvement I have noticed in my skin! My skin is beginning to look like is glows.  I have used many expensive products and have really struggled to find a full line that addresses the needs of my skin with such ease. I am really impressed with this company and the quality of their products. ~ Mary K Johnson-Garay”   

“I just love the way the products smell and feel on my skin and my face never looked healthier. My wrinkles are barely visible and my skin is much smoother and firmer, especially around the jaw line. I am 59 am and noticed so many changes in my skin especially after 50 (even had an episode of adult acne) and now I don’t even worry about it and the longer I use the products the better my skin looks. The products are so affordable because of the money saving refills
and I was really surprised that my products last me a full 8 weeks…a little bit goes a long way. My husband uses the products too and he has very dry, sensitive skin and allergies. He uses 6MM to smooth the rough areas on his forehead where pre-cancerous spots were removed and follows it with Radiance Ax. He really loves the products too! We are really enjoying the new Artisan Bath Bars. They are so luxurious and smell good enough to eat. They leave your skin feeling so clean and soft.”  Theresa in Anderson, SC
 “BlackBox Cosmetics are by far the best skincare products that I have ever used. They leave my skin feeling incredibly clean and smooth to the touch, and are able to do it without any harsh chemicals. When I use BlackBox Cosmetics, I know that I'm using a product that heals and repairs my skin, who wouldn't love that!”  Valerie in Timnath, CO

“The things I like most about BlackBox cosmetics are the principles behind the formulations, no chemicals, aloe based instead of water, refillable containers, air tight packaging and nothing over 10 months old. The air tight packaging and nothing over 10 months old were huge sellers for me. I am in the beauty industry and this is an issue that I have brought up time and again. You never know how old something you are purchasing is and they are often so heavily perfumed it would be impossible to tell. I like the feel of all of the products and was recently told my skin looked dewy. I look forward to seeing the results of extended use and I am so happy that I have found cosmetics that I can get behind.”  Micheline in Leicester, NC
“I am just loving this business!!!  I love the products!!!  I am into all things natural, so this was perfect for me.  I am very passionate about natural things and I am very passionate about these products.  And guess what, yesterday I was talking to one of my friends and telling her about the products.  She said, "You know, I was just watching your face and thinking that it looks healthy" I said "it's the BlackBox!!!  I gave her some samples and my web link address and she said she will order some.”   Mona in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
“I LOVE BLACKBOX COSMETICS! I have severe allergies, and I know lots of people have sensitive skin, which I also have, but my major problem is very sensitive eyes. For over 5 years I have been unable to use any type of moisturizer, facial cleansers or anything on my face, due to it severely affecting my eyes. They would burn, itch, water and swell. I have tried every product out there, even the so called “natural” products. I tried putting the products on just the lower part of my face, well away from my eyes, but it still bothered them. You can imagine how bad my skin looked after 5 years with no moisturizing. Make-up looked horrible on such severely dehydrated skin, so I didn’t even bother wearing any. Then the skies opened up and a sunbeam from Heaven shone down and shined directly on a lovely BlackBox filled with the most beautiful jeweled bottles and jars of creamy indulgences. I have been using the BlackBox Restoration products for only 3 weeks now and my skin is screaming out “thank you, thank you, thank you”! I even wore make-up the other day for the first time in years, even though it bothers my eyes some also, and got so many wonderful comments, like “you look great”, “you’re skin looks flawless”, and “you look so pretty today”. I am in Nirvana, and cannot wait to see the improvement yet to come. Thank you to Kevin Evans, for caring enough about our health to develop these wonderful products. Now, I’m praying for a BlackBox make-up line, hint, hint Kevin!”
Theresa C. in Winston-Salem, NC 

"The shampoo is lovely and the mild aroma is just fine. I really like the way my hair is still looking good at 5 pm and very much less frizzy the wintery Vermont climate."  Kika in VT

"This hair care line is amazing!!  I could not believe how well my hair styled and it's time
 for a cut. I've been smelling it all day!! Incredible quality and it's so shiny!!  Sue in Texas

"I am loving the GeniSkin kit! I have been a loyal proactive user for over 5 years and decided to try 
something new!  I love that this product doesn't strip your face of all its natural moisture!  It makes
my face smooth and fresh!  I think the facial scrub is my favorite part:) it polishes away dead skin
and keeps your face clear!  Ultimately I love that this is non-toxic:)!  Thanks for all of your help 
Mandy!  I'm thinking about possibly selling this product:) my mother and I live in different states and
none of our friends have heard about this amazing stuff:)"  Janelle 

"I love the way my skin looks and feels since using BlackBox Cosmetics. My skin glows! It makes me 
happy to know that I am using skin care products with high-end ingredients in them. BBC leaves 
your skin feeling clean and nourished without drying your skin out like a lot of other products on the
market do. I've only been using BBCfor a month, but the changes in my skin are apparent in a 
short amount of time. I will never use anything on my skin other than BlackBox Cosmetics."
Nicole in California
"The home party was a success and I made additional sales, because the person that 
sponsored the party raved about the products. I am excited about the potential of 
BlackBox. And they just increased the commission structure - what isn't there to love 
about BlackBox Cosmetics? God is good!"  Todd
“I used the Argan-Fig shampoo this morning. I was amazed at how little I needed to use.  My hair is medium length and fine but very thick. With other shampoos I have needed to use much more to get a good head of lather, but the VuDu gave great results with less than half of what I would normally use. Great selling point. The conditioner is wonderful too. The results: my hair smelled amazing as I was blow drying it; no static electricity that I often get even though I always condition; my hair is soft, silky and noticeably shinier. I've always had good hair, but now I have amazing hair.  Love this product. Can't wait to try the other flavors". Catherine, New Mexico
"Here's a great testimonial from one of my ISA's customers. He loves the VuDu Argan-
Fig Shampoo:  "I've started using the 9.25 oz bottle of VuDu Argan-Fig shampoo and love
it. It's a pump, so I can control how much product comes out and it only takes a little 
because it's so concentrated. For me, that equates to saving money, saving on what goes 
in a landfill and safe for the environment. Thanks Angela for turning me on to these 
outstanding products."   W. Bailey in Asheville, NC  

"What a luxurious experience!!  I recently had my right knee replaced and showering now is such a 
treat for me as I sit in my shower chair and wash with the Almond-Satsuma Hair and Body Shampoo! 
I just love the smell and enjoy basking in this new product, which is now my favorite time of the day!!  
Thanks BlackBox for such a great product!!"  Lee in FL
"I love my Cupuacu Mint shampoo because it eliminates the need for me to buy a detangler!!  I have 
very thick, long hair. And the scent for all of the shampoos and conditioners is just amazing!! 
Like out of this world wonderful!!"   Angela in Charlotte, NC
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