Monday, October 21, 2013


Today  when arriving home from work I was thrilled to have   found in my mailbox a package from Influenster. The package contain  " Dr. Scholl's  insoles the active series"  theses insoles are for the propose   of helping in preventing  pain  cause by athletic or common sports injuries. These Dr. Scholl's were sent to me for free, from Influenster  for the propose of testing.  I am pretty excited about trying  this product , I work about 25 hours a week standing on my feet, on a hard floor. Three times a week I also use the treadmill or I go for a run.    For  the last couple of years, off and on, I had been having some pain in one of my knee's . This year the pain  has becomes more frequent   and also this year I've started having  a soreness in my shin's ..Dr scholl's have claims stating and I'll quote what is written on the packaging "During athletic activity the foot is subject to shock from impact of 2-3 times your body weight with every step, the Active Series insoles reduce stock by 40% and for those with shin splints, runners knee and plantar Fascitis, helps  relieve and prevent pain"
Once you take the insoles out of the packaging they will look like this:
To get started  you must first the remove the old  insoles from the shoes you wish to replace with Dr Scholl's

Next Place the old insole on top of the Dr Scholl's

Your will have to cut them to the right size, so trace along the toes area of your original insole onto the Dr Scholl's like this:
there will be  some guide lines on the Dr scholl's you can follow

Now they are really to be placed into your shoes 
They may at first feel a little tight but don't worry cause they will soon start to fit perfectly 

The first you'll notice when stepping into your new insoles is how soft and cushioned your feet feel,  taking  the first step, right away  I notice no impact. I felt like I was walking on a cloud with the new insoles. One thing I did have to get used to was having my aches so supported, for the first 10 minute of wearing the insoles it felt like I had  a mound  in my shoes. I have now been wearing the new insoles for a week, and I have to admitted that my knee pain and the soreness in the shins seems to be gone. So after testing this product I have found DR Scholl's active series insoles to be an excellent product and would highly recommend to be useful for  anyone  who is athlete.  

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